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Getting Started on Your
Specialty Medication

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What Are Specialty Medications?
  • Specialty medications are therapies prescribed to patients who have chronic medical conditions

  • Patients taking these may need to see their healthcare provider on a regular basis and have one-on-one counseling and education over the phone

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What Are Specialty Pharmacies?
  • Specialty pharmacies handle and store specialty medications, and they typically send patients their prescriptions through the mail

  • Your healthcare provider can either send your prescription to Pfizer Dermatology Patient Access™ and enroll you in the program or they can send it directly to a specialty pharmacy

  • If your prescription is sent directly to a specialty pharmacy, you’ll be contacted to provide some information and complete a few steps

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Receiving Your Prescription From a Specialty Pharmacy

What Can You Expect?


The specialty pharmacy calls you for your insurance information.

  • They’ll also discuss options that may help reduce your out-of-pocket medication costs

  • The specialty pharmacy will contact your insurance plan to confirm your coverage, including copayments

Important: Expect a call from the specialty pharmacy.

Save their number in your phone. A call from them may show up as “unknown caller” if you don’t have their number stored.

Helpful Tip: Sign Up for the Copay Savings Card.*


The specialty pharmacy contacts you when it’s time to set up delivery.

  • Once your health plan approves coverage of your medication, the specialty pharmacy calls you to schedule delivery

  • During the call, they will collect your copayment, if applicable

  • If you have a Copay Savings Card*: Have it handy so you can share card information with them

If you haven’t heard from the specialty pharmacy within a week of being prescribed your medication:

Important: Call your healthcare provider to check on the status.


Your first prescription fill is delivered to your address.

  • If you have a Copay Savings Card,* your benefit will be applied to each refill

  • Most specialty pharmacies will continue to call you with assistance to help schedule your refills

Helpful Tip: Stay on Track

Set up refill reminders and schedule auto-refills with your specialty pharmacy. Track your results and share them with your healthcare provider–before-and-after photos may be helpful.
*Eligibility required. No membership fees. This is not health insurance. For CIBINQO, the maximum benefit per patient is $15,000 per calendar year. For LITFULO, the maximum benefit per patient is $15,000 per calendar year. For EUCRISA, individual savings limited to $970 per tube or $3,880 in maximum total savings per calendar year. Only for use with commercial insurance. If you are enrolled in a state or federally funded prescription insurance program, you may not use the copay card. Terms and conditions apply.