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Getting Started on Your
Specialty Medication

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What Are Specialty Medications?
  • Specialty medications are therapies prescribed to patients who have chronic medical conditions

  • Specialty pharmacies handle and store these medications, and they typically send patients their prescriptions through the mail

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Where was your prescription sent?

Your healthcare provider (HCP) may have sent your prescription to Pfizer Dermatology Patient Access for prescription support, or they may have sent it directly to a specialty pharmacy

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Receiving Your Prescription From a Specialty Pharmacy

What Can You Expect?

A phone call from the specialty pharmacy to:

  • Obtain your shipping address
  • Confirm your insurance information
  • Discuss options that may help reduce your prescription out-of-pocket costs

Important: Expect a call from the specialty pharmacy.

Save their number in your phone. A call from them may show up as “unknown caller” if you don’t have their number stored.

Delivery setup:

  • Once your medication has been approved by your health plan, the specialty pharmacy will call you to confirm shipment information and set up delivery
  • At this time, they will collect your co-payment, if applicable. If you have a Copay Savings Card*, share your card information with the pharmacy

Important: Call your healthcare provider to check on the status.

Ongoing prescription support:

  • Most specialty pharmacies will continue to call you with assistance to help schedule your refills
  • You can also set up refill reminders and schedule auto-refills with the specialty pharmacy
*Eligibility required. No membership fees. This is not health insurance. Only for use with commercial insurance. If you are enrolled in a state or federally funded prescription insurance program, you may not use the copay card. Terms and conditions apply.

Helpful Tips

  • Save the specialty pharmacy phone number in your contacts. A call from them may show up as "Unknown Caller" if their number isn't stored in your phone.
  • If you haven't heard from the pharmacy within a week of being prescribed your medication, call your HCP to check on the status.
  • See if you're eligible for financial support at
  • Track your results and share them with your HCP. Before/after photos may be helpful for insurance purposes